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Posted by Clark X.

Well, maybe it's a blessing that I need to move out of the house this week. In the process of emptying out the garage and packing stuff up, I found my tennis racket buried deep under the spider webs and layers of dust. It's in great shape, for a 12 year old racket. Best of all, I found three cans of vintage tennis balls in pristine condition from 1898 (or is it 1988?). it's a bit of a time capsule from the era of big hair and material excesses. It's vacuum sealed still, we'll see how well it does on the courts.
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Carl, I had to post because your picture looks like mine! How funny is that. Did you see mine or is this a crazy, bird-brained coincidence? I wanted to comment about finding old tennis balls - you have to bet that these balls have gone flat and will do you a disservice on the court. There's nothing worse than making a great shot then having your ball not make the jump it should have. Be sure to test them out carefully before playing.
Meant to type Clark.
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