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Trying to stick with a regular walking routine? Join us for support and advice on how to keep on walkin'. Team Members: 669 Team Goals: Walk
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Team Members (669)

Maria Therese M. Sacramento, California
Bella winchester, Massachusetts
Pamela Barker California
Sandra P. Gaffney, South Carolina
lapakitavsan California 78233

Team Member Activity

Maria Therese M. updated their goal to Walk: 30 minutes 5 times per week. Nov 02 2013
Maria Therese M. updated their goal to Swim: 90 minutes 5 times per week. Nov 02 2013
Maria Therese M. selected the WellPrize Picture show with popcorn. Nov 02 2013
rawprincess updated their goal to Lose weight. Aug 22 2013

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Sep 23 2012 by Lupie 2008
Hi, I'm Lupie2008 and I used to love wallking but, I think I let depression get the best of me lately but, starting tonight i'm committing to at least 10 minutes and hope for more don't want to push since it's been awhile.
May 15 2012 by rita
I walked 30 minutes today, but I only used the TM. I want to walk outside more. I think it makes me stronger than walking on the TM
Apr 26 2012 by Brianakfs
Hey my name is Briana! So today I was thinking to myself what am I going to do in life............................... I came up with nothing. But then I remember one time my daughter came home from third grade and she was all excited she told me about this lady who traveled across the US on a horse. And I was like wow! Kayla! Did she really! Later that day I made a promise to Kayla saying I will walk as far as she rode and till this day I havent walked a bit. And now shes in seventh grade wow the years pass by.