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Samantha Team Leader
anilam Toa Alta, Puerto Rico
Dr. Timothy Durnin Lansing, Illinois
mazz19 California
kawendie Renton, Washington

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Phillip Clark commented on Unresolved Low Back Pain May 07 2013
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May 21 2009 by kawendie
Symptoms: facial swelling, low grade fever, fatigue, right sided pain, increased BP, occassional passing out.  Unsteady walk (need a cain) occassional confusion and minor intermittent memory loss.  Is there anyone out there experiencing the same?
May 21 2009 by kawendie
I have multiple symptoms and have been either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for two in a half years.
Mar 27 2009 by James B.
Concern of the risks of missing out on physical therapy if denied treatment coverage by workmans comp, and the possible long term effects of this type of low back injury.