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Trail runners is a team for those who love to hit the trails running including anyone interested in trying an ultra-marathon. Team Members: 2 Team Goals: Hike, Run
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Team Members (2)

GroovyGreenTea Rocky Mountains, Colorado Team Leader
Cyclin' Missy Grand Rapids, Michigan

Team Member Activity

Cyclin' Missy commented on uncomfortable bike seat Aug 15 2011
Cyclin' Missy joined the Marathon Community. Feb 22 2011
Cyclin' Missy joined the Marathon Community. Feb 22 2011
Cyclin' Missy joined the Adventure Racers Team. Aug 04 2010
Cyclin' Missy joined the Marathon Training Team. Aug 04 2010

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Team Whiteboard
Jun 22 2010 by Cyclin' Missy
I did my first triathlon on June 13.  The five mile run was on dirt trails - awesome!  Then the Warrior Dash was a muddy, obstacle race of trail run joy.  What a blast!
May 19 2010 by Cyclin' Missy
My favorite place to run is through the woods...though unfortunately, I rarely get there.
May 01 2010 by GroovyGreenTea
Trail running can be great fun! There are specific issues backcountry runners must address such as training, animal attacks, gear wear, injury types, communication, trail etiquette, altitude sickness, fuel and hydration techniques, etc......