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Marisa C. Team Leader
Tine 97301
cmbriggs 27703

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Marisa C. wrote on TMN Team Whiteboard. Jan 26 2012
Tine selected the WellPrize A new hairstyle. Cut AND color!. Jan 16 2012
Tine set a goal to Lose weight. Jan 16 2012
Tine joined the TMN Team. Jan 16 2012
cmbriggs joined the TMN Team. Jan 13 2012

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Team Whiteboard
Jan 26 2012 by Marisa C.

Hello y'all!  Having a good week?  Get to peruse  What are your thoughts?  Helpful?

Looking forward to touching base with each of you personally next week!


Jan 13 2012 by cmbriggs
Hello! I am excited about joining this team and connecting with you all through this journey.
Jan 13 2012 by Marisa C.
Be that change you want to see in the world!


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