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Preparation before cooking takes the stress out of homecooking. Therefore, eating healthy at home is simple and enjoyable. Team Members: 7 Team Goals: Avoid fast food, Eat healthy, Eat more fruits & vegetables, Eat more whole grains, Exercise, Walk
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fitnesshealthandfood Health Maven

Hi there! I'm Jenny, a Personal Trainer, Line Cook, and Health Educator turned Healthy Living Blogger and Writer. I created by blog 'Fitness Health and Food' as a way to share my professional knowledge and personal experiences to help inspire others to become their happiest and healthiest selves.  Feel free to ask me any and all questions and stop by to...

Jeff K. Health Maven

District of Columbia
Hi everyone, I'm Jeff. I'm the Community Manager here, and everyday I wake up thinking of ways to make each person's experience here fantastic. We have great people here, and when it comes to health, they'll be able to help you from both preofessional and personal experiences.  If you ever need any help with the site, have a concern about something you see, or just want to chat, feel...

HealthyAbandon Health Maven

I am a Certified Health Coach and Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine student, who wishes to share with you, my journey of living a life radically abandoned to nutrition, exercise, healthy living and freedom from sickness and disease. Join me on the adventure of your life  - choosing health & wellness instead of sickness & disease. As many of you, I am a wife, mother, business owner,...

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