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Are you interested in knowing more about tea and health? Green tea, Rooibos, White teas. Let's share our knowledge and reap the health benefits of sipping tea. Team Members: 25 Team Goals: Avoid soda, Drink more water, Eat healthy
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New York, New York
I am a fitness aficionado who believes that everyone has the ability to look and feel great. My health blog features a variety of home workout videos as well as nutrition and healthy lifestyle tips that everyone can incorporate in their daily lives. The home workout videos focus on with minimal use of gym equipment. The nutrition and healthy lifestyle tips cover topics ranging from...

Tessa @ Amazing Asset

Hello There! My name is Tessa and I am a 21 year old college student majoring in Public Health with a Nutrition focus. I have a sincere passion for nutrition, fitness, running, and leading the best life I can. I am also recovering from years of a disordered outlook toward food and working out, which began at a fairly young age. As a Public Health major, I have knowledge about nutrition,...


Balfuria, Israel
In case anyone is interested, I'm the one with bunny ears on the right ^^. Just trying to keep healthy and in shape, with help from you guys, my little sis, and my ever faithful bf, Eldad.


I like Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, Bicycling, Badminton, and long drives

Jeff K. Health Maven

District of Columbia
Hi everyone, I'm Jeff. I'm the Community Manager here, and everyday I wake up thinking of ways to make each person's experience here fantastic. We have great people here, and when it comes to health, they'll be able to help you from both preofessional and personal experiences.  If you ever need any help with the site, have a concern about something you see, or just want to chat, feel...

Trinka G.

Mountain View, California
I am training for an olympic-length triathlon in May 09, and I hope to complete a half marathon in the summer, and a full marathon in the fall. I am trying to improve my nutrition by eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Larissa D. Stephanoff

Facebook controls my life. Social media govern my days. Such is the fate of a social media and web administrator. Or, my preferred title, an online community manager. Sounds much more interesting. So how do I relax? Turning the computer off and hitting the pavement. I am a self�titled fitness junkie, always interested in trying something new so I...
Communities: Dance, Exercise, Biking , ...

Sylvia R.

Woodside, California
Nature and Dog Lover Interests: Landscape Design, Interior Decoration, Healthy Lifestyle, Travel, Languages One of my favorite workouts: Crossfit in Redwood City, ( In general, I am a very curious person, meaning that I always enjoy trying something new. I work at Stanford (SLAC) in the Business Servcies Division.

Angelica G.

Chicago , Illinois
Hello! My name is Angelica, but you can call me Jelly if you'd like. I'm a self proclaimed health guru--wellness is where my passion lies! I am currently a writer for AOL's Patch, and am a former beauty freelancer at SELF Magazine. I love dancing, writing, yoga, magazines, coffee (a must have for every morning), photography, laughing, dark chocolate (basically anything smothered in...

Liane E.

Los Altos, California
Healer, hiker, happiest outside, heart centered individual. Interested in  healing, energy medicine, meditation, guided imagery, brain wave entrainment, neurofeedback, stress reduction.

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Kristen_Emerald California 78414
Larissa D. Stephanoff Missouri 65201
Kodjoworkout New York, New York
brie California 94533