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Are you interested in knowing more about tea and health? Green tea, Rooibos, White teas. Let's share our knowledge and reap the health benefits of sipping tea. Team Members: 25 Team Goals: Avoid soda, Drink more water, Eat healthy
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Team Members (25)

Liane E. Los Altos, California Team Leader
Kristen_Emerald California 78414
Larissa D. Stephanoff Missouri 65201
Shannon S. REDWOOD CITY, California
Kodjoworkout New York, New York
Jeff K. District of Columbia 20010

Team Member Activity

Kristen_Emerald joined the Tea Sippers Team. Dec 12 2012

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Team Whiteboard
Apr 14 2012 by Kodjoworkout
Anyone active in this group at all?
Apr 01 2012 by Kodjoworkout
Sipping on my Ginger and Oolong tea on this quiet Sunday afternoon. Yums!
Mar 29 2012 by Kodjoworkout
Green tea, dandelion tea, oolong tea. Bring it on ;-)