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Realized how important it is to stretch? But still not stretching enough? Join the club. Come and join a team of people aiming to stretch more. Let’s help motivate each other to stick with our goals. Team Members: 200 Team Goals: Stretch
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Team Members (200)

SheriK. Chillicothe, Ohio
Marieb6 California 75017
theycallmejuleee California 97128
dystonicgal scottsburg, Indiana
Pinkharma Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Team Member Activity

mdarnell updated their goal to Avoid soda. Apr 20 2014
mdarnell updated their goal to Exercise: 32 minutes 5 times per week. Apr 20 2014
mdarnell updated their goal to Stretch: 15 minutes 3 times per week. Apr 20 2014
mdarnell updated their goal to Lose weight. Apr 20 2014
mdarnell updated their goal to Take vitamins & minerals. Apr 20 2014

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Team Whiteboard
Sep 14 2013 by SheriK.
I had a spinal fusion in March, and have developed Piriformis Syndrome. My physical therapy consists of stretching exercies 2-3 times per day.
Sep 24 2012 by dystonicgal
i need to strech more as i have fibromyalgia and dystonia.
Aug 09 2012 by Pinkharma
I injured my back years ago and I just started working out again and I am finding it is putting too much pressure on my back so I have to start doing back stretching exercises to strengthen my back so I can continue to workout and lose weight.