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Are you ready to kick the Sugar Habit for good? Sugar is one of the most destructive non-foods you can put in your mouth. Come join us in our exploration of how to keep this white death out of our diet. Team Members: 3 Team Goals: Avoid soda, Avoid sweets
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Team Members (3)

Dr. Scott ND Littleton, Colorado Team Leader
AnnieH Indialantic, Florida
Lisa H. San Jose, California

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Team Whiteboard
Jan 09 2009 by AnnieH
Sugar is probably my only addiction. I actually lost 14 pounds on Adkins several years ago, but it didn't last plus it gave me halitosis. I just want to be able to give up my desire for refined sugar in most things.
Oct 04 2008 by Dr. Scott ND

Sugar addiction is real and every bit as difficult to kick as addiciton to cigarettes, alcohol and even hard drugs.

If you struggle with sugar addiction and are looking for tips on how to kick the sugar habit, or have a tip of your own to share, join in or start a new topic.