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No more fast food! Most fast food has WAY too much saturated fat. Having trouble giving it up? Found a good alternative? Share your story with the team. Team Members: 313 Team Goals: Avoid fast food
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Team Members (313)

Lissie V. California
Ciera C. California
Tracie B. California
Happy_poppy California 95054
Ellice Campbell Centennial, Colorado

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Lissie V. joined the Walking Community. Dec 14 2013
Lissie V. wrote on Slow Food Team Whiteboard. Dec 14 2013

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Team Whiteboard
Dec 14 2013 by Lissie V.

Sometimes when two or more people eat fast food it's hard 

Mar 07 2013 by Jennifer Adam
I am working on an health research program.
Dec 09 2012 by Hendri Tadjuni