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Relaxation Team

All parties interested in the pursuit of contemplation and relaxation as a modus operandi in our lives replacing stress and anxiety. Team Members: 5 Team Goals: Add more fiber to my diet, Avoid sweets, Drink more water, Eat more fruits & vegetables, Exercise, Listen to relaxing music, Martial arts training, Meditate, Pilates, Run, Stretch, Tai Chi, Yoga
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Team Members (5)

Absolute Relaxation Dublin, Ireland Team Leader
nhbpda Concord, New Hampshire
wchealth09 Appleton, Wisconsin
Drea D. Brooklyn, New York
Mary D. Hyattsville, Maryland

Team Member Activity

mbgraham is going to the class HEALTHY WOMEN TODAY. Jan 03 2011
Drea D. joined the Relaxation Team. Feb 25 2010

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Team Whiteboard
Aug 03 2009 by Mary D.
I am interested in meditation techniques that are easy to reduce stress.
Mar 17 2009 by nhbpda
I feel like I'm almost always tense and anxious, and I'd really like to just relax.
Jan 22 2009 by Absolute Relaxation
Committed to the pursuit and accomplishment of absolute relaxation throughout our lives, via day to day aspects in life.