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Trying to rid your diet of red meat? So are we! Found a way to keep your diet red meat free? Struggling to stay meat-free? Join us. Team Members: 65 Team Goals: Avoid red meat
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Team Members (65)

TiffanyAndLupus New York, New York
Happy_poppy California 95054
douglasa California 12058
Amy C. Maple Valley, Washington
Philip H. Cupertino, California
Tamara A. California

Team Member Activity

Philip H. updated their goal to Stretching 30 min every other day. Nov 02 2014
Philip H. updated their goal to Add more fiber to my diet. Nov 02 2014
Philip H. updated their goal to Stretching 30 min every other day. Nov 02 2014

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Team Whiteboard
May 20 2012 by Amy C.
After watching Forks Over Knives last week, I just cannot fathom eating any more meat or dairy. It will be an adjustment to not be hungry, but one week down and so far so good.
Aug 16 2011 by jendiamond

FYI If you miss meat my all time fav to replace it are the Boca Burgers, they taste the closest to meat for burgers or just to eat up as a piece of meat, and they have chicken patties too and of course no meat in them.  Also a big fan of Wheat Meat, I make it taste like shredded beef, so good.  Still learning but so far so good as far as taste.

Aug 16 2011 by jendiamond
About a couple of months ago I have decided to start a Plant Based Diet and so far I have stuck to my goal, no meat, or dairy. I had been diagnosed last year with Hyperthyroid and was on medication for that, I decided I did not want to keep taking this drug and not really knowing what it would be doing to the rest of me while working on the thyroid, so I slowly got off of it and just made a major switch to plant based diet and so far so good. I feel so much better and realized eating like this I would not really have to watch the calories, cause everything I was eating was being used by my body, not just sitting on my body.


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