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Pro Fitness Camp participants and anyone interested in joining our camps and getting in the best shape of your life! Come see the Pro Fitness way of exercise and weight loss and get the same results every single one of these clients are getting! Team Members: 2 Team Goals: Add more fiber to my diet, Avoid fast food, Avoid high fat foods, Avoid red meat, Avoid soda, Drink lowfat or nonfat milk, Drink more water, Eat healthy, Eat more fruits & vegetables, Eat more whole grains, Eat smaller portions, Exercise, Limit my caloric intake, Lose weight, Pilates, Quit smoking, Run, Stick to my diet, Strength training, Stretch, Yoga
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Pro Fitness Pasadena, Texas Team Leader
Jeff K. District of Columbia 20010

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Jeff K. selected the WellPrize Borderlands 2. Aug 23 2012
Jeff K. commented on Hello! May 29 2012
Jeff K. answered roaring in ears Dec 19 2011

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Aug 28 2009 by Pro Fitness
Check out the Pro Fitness Website!!
Aug 28 2009 by Pro Fitness
Welcome to the Pro Fitness Camp team. Strive to hit every goal I've set for the team and feel free to ask for support and find out what other people are doing to hit these goals


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