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How many of us find ourselves slouching at our desks, when we're walking, when we're sitting at lunch? Let's roll those shoulders back and align those hips! The goal here is to feel better, look better, and build better lifetime habits Team Members: 10 Team Goals: Take stress breaks
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Team Members (10)

Heather F. PALO ALTO, CA Team Leader
-S New York 11222
Mark D. Round Rock, Texas
Larissa San Mateo, California
Trinka G. Mountain View, California
Dr. Brian M., MD Springfield, Illinois

Team Member Activity

KaliTime C. selected the WellPrize $300USD worth of yarn from Joann's.. Jun 08 2012
KaliTime C. joined the Mental Health Community. May 08 2012
KaliTime C. joined the Skin Health Community. May 08 2012
KaliTime C. joined the Obesity Community. May 08 2012

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Team Whiteboard
Dec 10 2008 by Tatyana B.
Great goals!
Apr 01 2008 by Larissa
I love the new team photo.  Thanks Cindy!
Mar 21 2008 by Larissa

Hi Heather,

Since you created this team, I have been focusing on my posture at work while I type away at the computer all day.  Thanks for motivating me!