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Let's Make Joseph Pilates proud. Join us to talk about how to get into and sticking with a regular Pilates routine. Team Members: 52 Team Goals: Pilates
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Team Members (52)

Je-JeTwo California 78248
WildThingsRUNFree Owings Mills, Maryland
candicepeak Boston, Massachusetts
Dr. Lynn Dorman, PhD, JD Portland, Oregon
des491 California 175
Jill Knapp Boise, Idaho

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Jill Knapp posted Fast Loss Smoothie Oct 04 2014
Jennifer S. updated their goal to Exercise: 90 minutes 4 times per week. Jun 30 2014
Jennifer S. updated their goal to Lose weight. Jun 30 2014
Veronica E. joined the Skin Health Community. Jun 18 2014
Veronica E. joined the Obesity Community. Jun 18 2014

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May 10 2013 by allyd1959
Ya I am back, Ive not been on this site to brag, how good I do etc., I'm here to 'try' help those who need it, if Not!! so be it. I've walked in ALL of your shoes, trust me. Why u did not hear from me because Ive got cancer in my spine. I'm ok for now but I don't give up. I sat thro my battles of pain but continued thro my pilates program. Now Ive opened up a Pilates Studio for those who are suffering thro all kinds of problems, simple or major they work thro it and feeling so much better plus clients who just want to do Pilates. (working with their doctors etc.,) Makes me want to live longer and It makes my clients feel better. Know pressure on either side (so don't try work with the video programmes until you have consulted with your Doctor). My clients are now at the advance stage, so that just shows me I'm doing something right it's called 'TRUST'. So please trust me if you need any questioned to be answered. P.S. If you won't to start with pilates, find a pilates studio, friend or get guidance thro this site as most of us are well qualified to answer any questions. DON'T GIVE UP, and those who are struggling with the pilate balls! JUST ASK. If you gonna start, just keep in mind not to give up at least for 21 days. STAY! focus, dedicated, and most of all CARE about your well being. God Bless
Feb 07 2012 by Je-JeTwo
I plan to attend a pilates class at least 3 times a week.
Jul 29 2011 by des491
i am from Ukraine