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Donuts are evil little puffs of deep fried fat! We will not give in to their glazed and chocolatey badness. They clog arteries faster than you can say Kruller! Team Members: 103 Team Goals: Avoid high fat foods, Eat healthy, Eat more fruits & vegetables, Eat more whole grains, Limit my caloric intake, Lose weight, Stick to my diet
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Team Members (103)

Chef Jeff R. Stanford, California Team Leader
Sucel T. California
HWolcott California 98052
Bballstar3330 California 98664
tremedicure California 93300
Kenneth F. Stanford, California

Team Member Activity

Sucel T. joined the No Donut Zone Team. Aug 01 2013
Sucel T. set a goal to Eat healthy. Aug 01 2013
Sucel T. joined the Anxiety Community. Aug 01 2013
Sucel T. joined the Women's Health Community. Aug 01 2013

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Team Whiteboard
Jan 15 2013 by HWolcott
Hi there! I have 15 lbs to lose. Any and all positive encouragement would be most helpful :)
Oct 18 2012 by Bballstar3330
Hey all! Wanting to lose my freshman 15 and happy weight from a blossomed relationship that came all at once! Want to lose 40 pounds!
Nov 29 2011 by vivian p.
I am venturing to become a vegan..also need to lose 30 lbs. o