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Trying to get out on your bike more? So are we! Let's share tips on biking, and check in with one another to make sure we're all sticking with our biking routines. Team Members: 235 Team Goals: Bike
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Team Members (235)

Annie South Lebanon, Ohio
Kundan K. Delhi, India
Amanda K. South Windsor, Connecticut
Kenneth F. Stanford, California
TriCoachDawn Redmond, Washington

Team Member Activity

big vc updated their goal to Lose weight. Nov 23 2014
Philip H. updated their goal to Stretching 30 min every other day. Nov 02 2014
Philip H. updated their goal to Add more fiber to my diet. Nov 02 2014

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Jan 30 2013 by Annie
I am a former beginner cyclist, getting back into cycling this year starting with training 15 minutes every other day to strength my legs and hope to start riding come summer.
Oct 02 2012 by Bryher
Hi, I have just bought myself an electric bike in an effort to strengthen my legs. I seem to have very weak muscles in the whole of my body. After a bike ride, even my jaw aches if I try to eat anything. I sweat profusely after the first effort at riding up hill and by the time I reach home, my hair is plastered to my head. I had ME in my early thirties which lasted about 10 years but maybe it has never really gone away. I am now 66. It's very difficult to keep up the enthusiasm and I wondered if anyone has experienced the same problem and if it improved. I have been cycling for 6 weeks to date.
Jun 27 2012 by eg1350
I love to go walking but I am making it a challeng for myself to start go Bike Rideing at least once a week and see how long I can go for that one day and keep on repeating it on that time for 4 weeks. Then I want to try and increase the amount of days and since its been so Hot here in Michigan and we also get the Humidty as well I will be trying this around 7pm or so..Wish me Luck