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Horizon Counseling & Outreach Center, Inc. is a non-profit Corporation that provides a comprehensive and integrated array of programs in Mental Health, Prevention, Education and Substance Abuse. We are bilingual professionals, Psychologists, Mental Health Counselors, Clinical Counselors and Substance Abuse Professionals. Team Members: 1 Team Goals: Meditate, Strength training, Take stress breaks
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mcintron California 34744 Team Leader

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mcintron joined the Horizon Counseling Center Team. Jun 05 2010
mcintron joined the Horizon Counseling Team. Jun 05 2010
mcintron joined the Sickle Cell Anemia Community. Jun 05 2010
mcintron joined the Retirement Community. Jun 05 2010

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Jun 05 2010 by mcintron
Our Mission: To empower and equip people to be their best in Life, Family & Work: "Helping People to Help Themselves." Programs: Individualized Treatment Planning -Assessment -Psychotherapy -Individual and Group Therapy -Psycho-educational Groups -Case Management -Urinalysis -Drug Education & Prevention Special Programs/Groups: Substance Abuse Prevention/ Education DUI/DWI Offenders Criminal Justice Clients Family & Youth -Marital Issues /Relationship -Abuse Issues: Physical, Mental, Sexual and/or Emotional, -Adolescents Programs -Anxiety, Depression, -Anger Management Education Education -Character Development -Life Skills Programs -Prevention & Education -Parenting Classes -Assertiveness Training Court Order Classes -Anger Management -DUI -Impulses Control -Divorce -Co-dependency -Domestic Violence -Truancy Prevention Youth Programs- Prevention/Education Program- Our Program delivers integrated prevention services to at-risk teens. The goal of the prevention/education program is to reduce high-risk behavior of teenagers so that they might avoid untimely pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and abuse of alcohol and drugs, and to encourage them to continue schooling and find jobs. We Speak Spanish


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