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My husband Matt, and I are the Presidents and Co-Founders of an International Non-Profit (501c3) Organization ( that conducts humanitarian assistance all over the world while running and performing other outdoor activities. We definitely share the same passion as you do for running, swimming, biking, hiking, rock climbing, water rafting, traveling and helping children and orphans throughout the world. This is the reason why we run and do other outdoor activities ? we never knew that running for instance could make such a tremendous difference in the lives of children and orphans who live on less than $1 a day. So we use this motivation to keep us pushing every mile of every race. I would love to tell you one day our personal stories and challenges throughout life during our international outdoor activities that have given us the drive to not only create High Cloud but to run national and international races to raise awareness for its cause. Just to share a bit more about High Cloud, we currently conduct a number of workshops internationally on such topics as health care, sports, education (math, science, language, etc) environment and multiple others. The opportunity to conduct philanthropic activities and work on projects with different cultures is simply priceless. We also provide financial support to build infrastructure (schools, etc) and to provide IT equipment, food, school supplies, etc. When we do this, we are living our dream. We would like to reach out to you and share our adventures on how High Cloud is using outdoor activities to raise awareness about extreme conditions experienced by millions of children and orphans throughout the world. The High Cloud Running and Triathlon Team's motto is "Save One Child at a Time, while Running with High Cloud One Mile at a Time", so we would love to have you join the High Cloud Athletic Team by sending us an e-mail at More information can be found at High Cloud's Athletic Team's website at: High Cloud's mission is to help the most vulnerable among us and we would love you to join us in this journey. All the best, Adriana and Matt Team Members: 1 Team Goals: Bike, Eat healthy, Exercise, Hike, Run, Strength training, Stretch, Swim, Train for a 5K or 10K, Train for a half marathon or marathon, Train for an endurance ride, Walk
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Adriana and Matt A. Alexandria, Virginia Team Leader

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mbgraham is going to the class HEALTHY WOMEN TODAY. Jan 03 2011
Steven D. added the event Stanford Zumbathon. Jan 25 2010
lisa h. added the class Anusara. Jan 19 2010
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lisa h. added the class Feldenkrais Flow. Jan 19 2010

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Jul 29 2008 by Adriana and Matt A.

Welcome all!  Please view the High Cloud Athletic Team's page on the High Cloud Foundation web site at: 

Also, join the High Cloud Athletic Team by creating your personal page at:

 All the best,

Adriana and Matt


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