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Hep C Dragon Fighters Team

A group for those who have been through, are in the middle of, or contemplating drug treatments for Hepatitis C; and the family and loved ones, or anyone interested in the subject. Team Members: 5 Team Goals: Drink more water, Eat healthy, Eat more fruits & vegetables, Exercise, Hike, Listen to relaxing music, Meditate, Play sports, Quit smoking, Stretch, Take stress breaks, Walk, Yoga
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San Mateo, California
I am

Alexander Z.

Kettering, Ohio
I'm a writer with roaring flames in my heart, a blogger with a global agenda, and a nutrition entrepreneur.


Columbia, South Carolina
I love spending time with my family, but never seem to find enough time in a day to get everything done! Lots more time on my hands as I have been on bedrest with my pregnancy for the last twelve weeks, but afraid that will end soon as little guys should be coming in next several weeks!

Sara S.

Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Huw B.

., Alabama
Communities: General Medicine

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bphifer Columbia, South Carolina
Huw B. ., Alabama
Larissa San Mateo, California
Sara S. Dearborn Heights, Michigan
Alexander Z. Kettering, Ohio