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Hep C Dragon Fighters Team

A group for those who have been through, are in the middle of, or contemplating drug treatments for Hepatitis C; and the family and loved ones, or anyone interested in the subject. Team Members: 5 Team Goals: Drink more water, Eat healthy, Eat more fruits & vegetables, Exercise, Hike, Listen to relaxing music, Meditate, Play sports, Quit smoking, Stretch, Take stress breaks, Walk, Yoga
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Team Members (5)

Alexander Z. Kettering, Ohio Team Leader
bphifer Columbia, South Carolina
Larissa San Mateo, California
Huw B. ., Alabama
Sara S. Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Team Member Activity

mbgraham is going to the class HEALTHY WOMEN TODAY. Jan 03 2011
bphifer selected the WellPrize OPI Coleccion de Espana (Spain Collection). May 15 2010
bphifer updated their goal to Take stress breaks: 20 minutes 5 times per week. May 15 2010
bphifer wrote on Hep C Dragon Fighters Team Whiteboard. May 15 2010

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Team Whiteboard
May 15 2010 by bphifer
Glad to hear your great news Alex!  I have been virus free for two years now.  I am eight months pregnant and was having symptoms that I was afraid may have been the return of Hep C, but turns out it was all due to the pregnancy.  I am still virus free and have a liver "healthier than an infant's" according to my doc!
Nov 20 2008 by Alexander Z.

Got my results from the six-month blood test:

Still free of the Hep C virus!! 

May 15 2008 by Alexander Z.

I'm Alex, the founder of this team.

I'm 15 days past the end of the Hep C treatments.

Now the goal is to be patient with myself as I recover from the debilitating drugs.

But, hey, the whole idea of the treatment is to extend my life!



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