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This team is about making goals into reality. This team will support everyone to help them achieve their goals. Team Members: 29 Team Goals: Add more fiber to my diet, Avoid fast food, Avoid high fat foods, Avoid red meat, Bike, Dance, Drink more water, Eat healthy, Exercise, Run, Strength training, Stretch
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Nathan D. Patient Expert

This is my Russian Kettlebell Blog and is a fitness blog. It is updated daily. Learn how to lose weight, build muscle and get in great shape. I am a kettlebell enthusiast and publisher of so I am always searching new and great ideas on kettlebell and fitness training.

Rachael H.

Cincinnati, Ohio
Passing Daisies is a vegetarian health blog that features recipes, health tips, product reviews, survival guides, and much, much more. Please stop by and say hello!

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Rachael H. Cincinnati, Ohio