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Hard Work Team

This team is about making goals into reality. This team will support everyone to help them achieve their goals. Team Members: 29 Team Goals: Add more fiber to my diet, Avoid fast food, Avoid high fat foods, Avoid red meat, Bike, Dance, Drink more water, Eat healthy, Exercise, Run, Strength training, Stretch
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Team Members (29)

Omar l. white plains, New York Team Leader
Kenneth F. Stanford, California
Rachael H. Cincinnati, Ohio
cyclingchic11 California 36265
oliviaemily Los Angeles, California
littleblu8001 St. Francisville, Louisiana

Team Member Activity

Kenneth F. updated their goal to Lose weight. May 31 2012
Kenneth F. updated their goal to Lose weight. May 31 2012
Kenneth F. updated their goal to Lose weight. May 30 2012

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Team Whiteboard
Dec 14 2010 by MelodieLynn
I have a lot of wellness goals I am trying to achieve and need some accountability.
May 09 2010 by Omar l.
Hey, how's everyone doing? 
Mar 28 2009 by Omar l.
I want to buy a weight bench and was wondering if this Weider Weider Pro 290 W is a good bench.

I want to know who much the bar weights and how much it can hold as well as the bench alltogether,

 Please let me know what you think.