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The team goals are to always get back up when falling down. We all have off days. We all fall down sometimes, but what is important is that we get back up again and get going. We don't let a mistake or two get in the way of us meeting our ultimate goals. We help each other get up again and stay up longer and stronger each time. Team Members: 13 Team Goals: Eat healthy, Exercise, Lose weight
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Team Members (13)

Christy D. Albuquerque, New Mexico Team Leader
Morgs-Momma Montana 59417
Larissa San Mateo, California
myisha b. norman, Oklahoma
Anita H. Newcastle, Oklahoma

Team Member Activity

Morgs-Momma updated their goal to Exercise: 25 minutes 4 times per week. Feb 08 2012
Morgs-Momma joined the Workplace Health Community. Feb 07 2012
Morgs-Momma joined the Women's Health Community. Feb 07 2012
Morgs-Momma joined the Health Education Community. Feb 07 2012
Morgs-Momma joined the Walking Community. Feb 07 2012

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Team Whiteboard
May 14 2009 by jhjohn02
We fall down, but we get up! thanks for this community. Support is the best thing for loved ones and friends when they are down.
Mar 03 2009 by Dave K.

Hey Lola,

 Good job picking yourself back up!  Keep on keepin on!

Apr 16 2008 by Christy D.

Hi team! How is everyone doing this week with their fitness and eating goals? I am having a pretty good week. I did fudge a bit with desert the other evening, but I skipped it last night and plan to again tonight. I know that each time I skip it the easier it will get.  I would like to get to the point where I don't even think about it. If it is there on some occassions then that is fine, but I don't want to be in the habit of having to have a dessert after every dinner, and always thinking about it.

 I am running a 7 miler in the foothills of Albuquerque, N.M. tomorrow morning. I am excited for that. It is a great run. I never have a problem getting myself to workout.  My biggest weakness has always been in the eating dept. Hoew are the rest of you doing?

Dave, I hope you got my whiteboard message that I sent to your personal whiteboard. When, I sent it I was all of a sudden logged out. Not sure what happened, so I am also not sure if you got my message or not. Hope you did. 



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