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Want to dance more? So do we! Let's share tips on finding classes, staying injury free and sticking with a regular dance routine. Team Members: 245 Team Goals: Dance
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Team Members (245)

Kathleen D. San Francisco, California Team Leader
Vceego eCigs London, United Kingdom
ashley370 California 37013
mommy777 California 76114
Binta Desmond Kigali, Rwanda

Team Member Activity

LUCINDACIRE updated their goal to Lose weight. Oct 01 2013
LUCINDACIRE updated their goal to Lose weight. Sep 29 2013
LUCINDACIRE updated their goal to Lose weight. Sep 28 2013
LUCINDACIRE updated their goal to Lose weight. Sep 27 2013
LUCINDACIRE updated their goal to Dance: 30 minutes 3 times per week. Sep 27 2013

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Team Whiteboard
Sep 17 2013 by LUCINDACIRE
I am Erica. I am going to learn latin dances. I am doing this on my own or drag my son into it. or husband, any which way i am learning latin dances from thursday.
Feb 28 2013 by mommy777
Hi the reason I chose dance is its been a life long passion in 9th grade I made the school dance team but my mom refused to let me do it cuz she didn't want to go to the fund raisers so I'm gonna dance till I can't
Jan 09 2013 by Binta Desmond
I am Binta Desmond, I am here searching for honest and trust worthy someone to share something very important with