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Discovered that soda has tons of empty calories and sugar? Let's cheer each other on in our fight against big bad cola! Team Members: 204 Team Goals: Avoid soda
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Team Members (204)

Larissa San Mateo, California Team Leader
Annie South Lebanon, Ohio
mdarnell Sacramento, California
Sharra B. California
Chad H California 70815
Chy California 54452

Team Member Activity

Amy updated their goal to Avoid soda. Nov 03 2014
Amy updated their goal to Exercise: 20 minutes 5 times per week. Nov 03 2014
Amy updated their goal to Eat healthy. Oct 26 2014
mdarnell updated their goal to Avoid soda. Oct 01 2014
mdarnell updated their goal to Take vitamins & minerals. Oct 01 2014

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Team Whiteboard
Nov 30 2013 by Sharra B.
Hi There, I have been having a problem with drinking to much diet coke and it was'ent doing my skin any good either among other things! So it's been 3-4 days now since I've have'nt touch the stuff and praying I be able to continue with being strong to keep at it.
Feb 19 2013 by magliom1
I got off sugar and fructose due to digestive issues, but my diet soda habit is tough to beat. i have had to take so much out of my diet to control severe ibs, i feel deprived . tho i know the aspertame is not good for me.
Jan 19 2013 by Annie
18 days without a soda, so far so good. Recently became sick with the flu and lost all taste for it. Been drinking water and herbal tea. Though, have to admit this is the 2nd time and 10 years I have quit, but with osteporosis and epilepsy, I need to stay off of it for better health. Just take it one day at a time.