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My intention is to help educate, inform and motivate people to live healthier and to develop a Live Smart strategy that encompases effective nutrition, physical activity and mental & emotional techniques. Teaching ways to maximize physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing for a lifetime. I was... Full Bio
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Oct 04 2009 by Brian, the old man
Hi TC, I have been meaning to come over and join Wellsphere for awhile. I think ever since I saw your site for the first time. Boy, it's hard to believe that was months ago. Well, I'm finally here. I think I'm going to like this site. Hope all is well with you. Have a great week.
Jul 13 2009 by Carolyn C.
Hi TC - thanks for calling my attention to your blog. I particularly enjoyed your recent post on eggs with its comparison of the nutrient density of free range vs commercially-produced eggs. Great information!
Jul 05 2009 by Dr. Scott ND

Hey TC, thanks for the support and comments on my site! Looks like you are doing great work! I checked out your HUB page, but looks like it is still under construciton or something.



Jun 21 2009 by Doyle
I was a vegan from age 15 to 21 then my body betrayed me. Have you heard of this happening? check out my blog for full story.
Jun 05 2009 by Barbara P.
Your book is terrific!  I intend to let all my friends know about it. 
Jun 04 2009 by Barbara P.
O.K. TC I am now on wellsphere - what next?
Jun 04 2009 by TC
I want to say thank you to the Wellsphere Staff for recognizing my contributions and granting me the status of "Top Health Blogger" on Wellsphere. I look forward to making valuable contributions to all the members and visitors to the site. Thanks again.