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Charleston, South Carolina
I am a personal trainer in Charleston, SC. I love fitness and teaching others how to get real results. I am obsessed with being outdoors, kayaking, running, going to the beach and lately learning to play golf are my most favorite activities.
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The Excalibur Figure Competition Is Over… How My Long Training & Dieting Paid Off

I finished my first figure competition! It wasn’t a smooth ride either. The night before the competition we learned that my...

The Day Before The Big Figure Competition

Wow… 12 weeks has just about come to an end! It has been a great journey (aside from the cranky times). Tomorrow is the big competition… The...

The Skinny On "Stinky" And Making Sure You Do Not Follow His Poor Gym Etiquette

Every gym has one of these… a gym head that thinks he’s the stuff and spends his whole workout grunting and moaning and… STINKING. Yes,...

My Slim Down Transformation

I said yesterday that I would post a few pictures of my progress and I wasn’t lying. Me in my comfie jeans about 3 months ago. ...

I’m Back In Action Online and Ready For The Figure Competition

Sorry to everyone that keeps up to date with my blog… as you can see we have been under going some changes and many more are to come soon! I...

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Charleston, South Carolina
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Oct 08 2008 by Taylor R.
Started a new job this week.. exciting and challenging starting something completely new! These little kids can kick my butt
Jun 28 2008 by Taylor R.
I had my fitting today and picked out my fabrics for my Aug 23 figure competition! Very exciting.