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Denver, Colorado
Hey everyone, im a 25 year male living in Denver, CO right now, I work a lot on my website and try to promote health and fitness as much as possible. Im a huge fan of MMA and other sports such as Football, hockey and tennis. So if you wana chat or have any questions just send me a msg or... Full Bio
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The Truth About Energy Drinks

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Doing More Chin-Ups

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Aloha! spread the word healthy living for 2009!!!

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Dec 17 2008 by Kenneth F.

Hey Taylor:

Whenever I can find a little extra time, I try to catch a game or two.  My team was the Rams for over 30 years, but it's hard to stay with them, now that I can't get to any games. 

I've been looking at the 49ers, now that I live in the Bay Area...still not sure I can get behind them. 

Still, I enjoy the game and can't wait for the playoff action. 



Dec 08 2008 by Kenneth F.

Hey Taylor:

Great article on "Controlling Physical Hunger".  I've been fighting weight for most of my adult life, but for the past year in earnest.

I started walking 2 -3 miles last year daily, then started cardio and anarobic exercise in Feb.  I hit the gym 5 days a week now and don't play around. 

In any case, this has been my greatest challenge.

 Thanks for the effort.

 Congrats on your Steelers win...they pulled out of a tough one.