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Hi I'm Tayla! Welcome to my little corner of the blog world! I am currently reocvering from anorexia and anxiety so my posts usually focus on food, feelings, and fun, but I write about really anything that is on my mind or things that I think are beneficial to my recovery. By sharing my thoughts... Full Bio
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{new website, new journey}

Hey Loves! I just wanted to make the official announcement that I have MOVED! You can now find me at  I...

{Keys to a Successful Recovery: Courage}

Courage is when you're afraid But you keep on moving anywayCourage is when you're in painBut you keep on living anyway{Lyrics from Courage by...

{What if You Were Healed?}

One of the best books I have read recently is called Emotional Wellness by Osho, and in it he talks about so many different things, but one thing...

{Keys for a Successful Recovery: Wisdom}

If you haven't already, please read my first post in this series about endurance . Because after you have mastered the skill of sticking...

{5 Things to Start Doing in Your Recovery}

1. Stop looking at photos of skinny models, stop following pro-ana blogs, stop using thin girls as motivation to be smaller.  I know some...

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