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Lake Forest, California
I am deeply passionate about fitness, health and mostly triathlon. I thrive off an active lifestyle with maximum time spent outdoors. Last year, I took a leap of faith to pursue my dreams, which has led me back into academia to get a master's degree in kinesiology/exercise science in order to... Full Bio
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Getting Back My Health, Getting Back to Being 'Me'

Well hello! It's been a while! Since July, in fact, just after finishing Vineman 70.3. This blog is mostly about my adventures in training and...

Race Report: Unconventionally Tackling Vineman 70.3

If you've been following my blog you know I've taken a completely unconventional approach to training in the eight weeks before this...

My Matcha Smoothie Recipe: For Focus, Energy and Satiation

The color isn't the greatest, but taste/quality is amazing! Sometimes recipes just come together based on what you have lying...

Being 'Flexible' Two Weeks Out From a Race

This is the part where listening to the body becomes the No.1 priority. No screwing around when you're two weeks out from a race no matter what...

June 23-29: Making Progress

June 23-29: Weekly volume: 7:16:08 Swim: 2:10, 5x (3 ocean swims) Bike: 2:24:56, 2x Run: 1:41:12, 3x Strength: 1:00, 4x Rest days: 0 (but,...

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