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Austin, Texas
I am an attorney and a registered nurse. I represent nurses before the Texas Board of Nursing and because of that, I see the issues that impact nurses and wanted to find a way to educate nurses about these issues.  So, I now have three blogs available to help nurses.
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Trial of Winkler County Nurse Who Reported Doctor to TMB-Part II

The Texas Nurse Association has been tracking this case closely and is in attendance at the trial. TNA has also set up a legal defense fund and...

Trial of Winkler County Nurse who reported Doctor to Texas Medical Board-Part 1

The trial began on February 82010 with jury selection.  Prior to the trialone of the two nursesVicki Galle,  originally indicted was dismissed...

Trying to find a job while under a Board Order

I have heard from another nurse who is having a difficult time obtaining a job while under a Board Order.  This is an ongoing problem especially...

Additions to BON’s website

The Board reports online that they have some new options to help nurses obtain information needed from the Board: 1) the ability to track...
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Apr 29 2010 by marci
is diversion the same as a consent agreement?  my consent agreement was investigated (we think, poorly done) and straight mistruths were typed up for me to sign and notorize.  i couldnt swear or notorize any such document.  my attorney told me to "suck it up" and sign it and move forward.  this was against my ethics.  i will not sign or consent to a agreement that is embellished, please help.
Mar 25 2009 by sheilakohl

Sheila Kohl RN

Mar 25 2009 by sheilakohl

Ms. Taralynn:

My name is Sheila Kohl.  I am currently a student at the University of Missouri - Kansas City in the RN to BSN program. 

I have an assignment that I hope you might be able to help me with.  The question is:

 Contact a nurse attorney and inquire as to what are some of the commmon legal issues the nurse attorney deals with in legal practice, the outcomes of those legal issues and what nurses can do to avoid malpractice lawsuits. 

I will be sharing your answers with the rest of my class and the answer can be relatively short.

Can you help me with this? If so, please email me at,


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