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A DAILY DOSE OF FIT is both a guilty pleasure (once a writer, always a writer) and a supplement to my personal training business. My goal is to inspire you, my clients and my readers, with my thoughts, experience and expertise as they relate to living the fit life. I've always been a fairly active... Full Bio
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5 Things You Should Do Every Day (#pinspirationthursday)

I wake up every day and go about my business. Most days are pretty predictable, at least during the week, with the exception of jumbled afternoon...

Winter #Running (...and why it drives me bonkers)

I'm in a Winter running funk right now. This happens every year to me. It's always a struggle because I just...ugh, the treadmill. I can't. And...

Should you try a #PiYoLive workout?

I have a new obsession: PiYo Live. This choreographed group fitness class is rocking my socks off right now—literally! You're not surprised...

That "4 Things" Blog Survey: My Answers

Every so often, a survey takes the blog world by storm—A series of questions is posted, answers are written, and other bloggers are tagged to...

Do you know @themotherrunner? #motherrunner

The virtual world is overflowing with inspiration. If you let it, I'm sure the Internet would weigh you down with all there is to read, know and...

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