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It's been a busy few months for me over at ADHD Support Talk Radio . I had some excellent guests on the show. We discussed some very...

Fiverr: Awesome Task Management Tool for ADD / ADHD

I know many of you have heard me reccomend Fiverr on my Teleseminars and on ADHD Support Talk Radio . For some reason I...

Helpful Reminder Service for ADD / ADHD

Reminders can be great tools for people with ADD / ADHD. Our SmartPhones have a whole bunch of apps to remind us. We can also set our own...

Community Leaders Wanted!

I need YOU to help me make Living with ADD a THRIVING support community for people with ADD / ADHD. Right now I am looking for a few...

Productivity Secrets Free Teleseminar

Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 Time: 9:00pm – 10:00 pm EDT Instructor: Tara McGillicuddy   During this 1...
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Apr 16 2009 by sammyB

Hi Tara I found this about a 75yr old PHD naturopath on utube interview on Sky Health TV about reversing ADHD, autism & behavioual disorders without drugs. Michael Sichel is a wealth of knowledge and maybe able to help some of your readers.

 videos on utube Short version  long version

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