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FREE Adult ADD / ADHD Book Club

I'm happy to announce that Living with ADD 3.0 is now up and ready. There are some great features to the site including the FREE Adult ADD...

Most Helpful Adult ADD / ADHD Books

As some of you know I am currently working on revamping the Living with ADD Site. Later this month I will be launching Living with ADD 3.0....

Alternative Treatment for Adult ADD / ADHD

There's a great new book out about alternative treatment for adult ADD / ADHD. It's called Natural Relief for Adult ADHD: Complementary...

Low Cost Coaching and Support

Question: I would really love be involved in the productivity program but I don't have $47.00 I would also need more one on one. Can...

Donald Trump Adult ADD / ADHD

Over the past few weeks I've been getting a lot traffic to my blog from people doing searches about Donald Trump and ADD / ADHD. Back in...
Tara McGillicuddy, SCAC's Whiteboard
Apr 16 2009 by sammyB

Hi Tara I found this about a 75yr old PHD naturopath on utube interview on Sky Health TV about reversing ADHD, autism & behavioual disorders without drugs. Michael Sichel is a wealth of knowledge and maybe able to help some of your readers.

 videos on utube Short version  long version

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