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Tara Lakes

I am the proud momma of a beautiful baby boy who happens to have brought an extra chromosome to the party. He is the youngest of six fabulous children. Down syndrome is teaching us much about life, love, faith, and fear, and we are blessed to be part of his journey.
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Change is in the Air

I started blogging here shortly after the birth of Eon as a way of processing my feelings and experiences, as well as connecting with others on...

Blessing The Special Needs Mom

I was asked to speak at a MOPS group on the topic of "encouraging, supporting, and loving moms of kids with special needs." Of course, I was...

Be the One

We did not attend church today as several of our crew are fighting the upper respiratory infection I brought home from work and we decided not...


We were talking about adoption. She admitted that she's not open to special needs. "Not everyone can do that," she said. I didn't hear the...

I Don't Have My Sh*t Together

One of my co-workers made a crack the other day that hurt my feelings. While she said it in a joking way, she basically called me out on my...

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