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Tara Lakes

I am the proud momma of a beautiful baby boy who happens to have brought an extra chromosome to the party. He is the youngest of six fabulous children. Down syndrome is teaching us much about life, love, faith, and fear, and we are blessed to be part of his journey.
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Dear Square Pegs

I received emails and comments after  this post  telling me I’m not alone, many from people who have not yet found their way back into the...

What We've Been Up To

I have been a busy bee over at my blog, Grace for That . You really should join me over there. But, since you haven't yet done so, let's catch...

Abortion and The Myth of the Unwanted Child

Abortion. The topic immediately polarizes. Hackles are raised and you, as a reader, are waiting to be either irritated or relieved by what I’ll...


Let’s talk about weddings. No, not about those. I already offered up  an opinion on that topic . No, I want to talk about weddings in general,...

I Won't Take a Stand on Gay Marriage

It smells like fear to me. And fear mongering. I try really hard not to make decisions based on fear. I’m a follower of Christ. I know many of...

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