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A Progress Update – How to lose body fat

FAT LOSS at its very best my friends.  No exercise yet, off of birth control pills since the end of last month, the semester is over and my...

The Obesity Epidemic in America

I just got news that I scored a  grade of “A” on one of the papers I submitted to my Women’s Global Health (a Women’s and Gender Studies...

That One Time I Had Abs…

It lasted for about 2 weeks, but it was heaven while it lasted!!! November 2011 (left) and April 2012 (right)

I’m Fat Ya’ll: New Transformation *Again* Journey

Update!  I’ve been gone for  long time…summer came and I was happy about that and then school started in the Fall.  I have no life right now!!! ...

How To Yoga

To be able to master any yoga asana, practice, build up confidence and trust yourself to be able to perform it.   The kinds of #yoga I practice…...

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