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Tanisha Marshall

Bloomington, Illinois
I am a Raw Food coach who is passionate about helping women Transition to raw.
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Are you ready to work with a Raw Food Coach!

I have learned a very powerful lesson when it comes to enlisting the help of a coach. Several times throughout my journey to get help with...

Is Snacking Getting the Best of you?

Have you found yourself eating ‘just because’?  Well, I know what you are going through. Many of us are so used to eating and snacking all...

Quantity versus Quality

I have come to realize that the quantity of the food we eat is just as important as the quality of the food we eat. Regardless of which...

Do you Tend to put Raw Food Teachers up on a Pedestal?

I must admit that when I was growing up, I used to put many different people up on pedestals. I imagined them as always having it all...

So, can you really eat a diet of mostly raw foods, consistently?

A lot of people are saying that they have struggled to maintain a mostly raw diet. I can say that I, too, have run into this problem, but I...
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