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San Diego, California
I am a Wellness Journalist working with the University of California, San Diego, to promote balance and well-being to our campus and beyond! 
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Wellness Journalism: Mental Fitness

Never underestimate the connection between your body and your mind. We’re very much aware of the physical benefits of exercise (strong body,...

Wellness Journalism: You are Relative

We human folk live in constant relationship to one another. We share personal space. So here is a very important question: How does...

Wellness Journalism: Let's Talk About Sex

Honoring yourself as a sacred sensual entity is at the root of Sexual Well-Being. Sex, as Marvin Gaye has astutely observed, is capable...

Wellness Journalism: S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G

Physical Well-being isn't just high-impact, calorie burning sweat fests. We often overlook the simple, fundamental movements that have massive...

Wellness Journalism: Safe and Sound

Because you are human (and not a cockroach), you are soft, fleshy, and rather delicate. You can cut your finger on a sheet of paper, bite your...
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