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Riverside, California
born and raised patient advocate and informer. Certified Medical Assistant, referral coordinator/insurance specialist. I am a very honest person - don't ask me questions you don't want an honest answer to.
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Healthcare Nut says its goodbyes

Regrettably I must inform you that the site will be closing down, Over the past several years has served its purpose in...

Electronic Medical Record Vendors Strive To Improve Interoperability

Since President Obama put his healthcare reform into action, providers across the country have been clamoring for Electronic Medical Record...

The FDA’s Attempt to Reduce Risks Involved With Reusing Medical Equipment

It’s a known, and widely accepted fact that a vast number of medical instruments are reused dozens of times. Laparoscopic instruments,...

Medicare cuts loom thanks to Super-Committee failure

During the August debt default crisis the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction agreed that should the Super-Committee fail in its quest...

Drug shortage – costly and deadly

In the last 15 months – the deaths of 15 patients in hospitals throughout the country have been blamed on a growing drug shortage of sometimes...

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