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TANA GOLDFIELDS PLC was established in 2011 and incorporated in the United Kingdom as a PLC. It was subsequently listed as a public company on the GXG Exchange (symbol: TANA) also in the United Kingdom. TANA has an experienced management team in place... Team Members: 1 Team Goals: Eat healthy, Stretch, Swim
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Project - Tana Goldfields Plc United Kingdom

Posted by Martha J. Facebook

The Fire Mountain Property is comprised of seven (7) mineral claims (MTO) containing 93 cell claim units totaling 1937.03 hectares. The property was originally staked, May 17, 2012. The property is accessible by air. It can also be reached via road, approximately 200 kilometres from Pemberton and the Lillooet River Road. The property has been the focus of several technical reports. Please see the bottom of this section for a link to our report.
The property is underlain by the Fire Lake Group. The Fire Lake Group represents an island arc sequence preserved as a roof pendant within intrusives of the Coast Plutonic Complex. The assemblage has been subjected to thrust faulting, large amplitude folding, and regional metamorphism up to greenschist facies. The Harrison Lake shear zone occurs to the east, in the Lillooet River Valley, which is known regionally to be an important control to mineralization. Diverse styles of mineralization are found in the Fire Lake Group. These include syngenetic volcanic-exhalative mineralization, granodiorite-related stockworks and breccia zones, high angle thrust-related mesothennal gold-copper veins, and late, fault-related epithermal mineralization. The rocks of the Fire Lake Group have been correlated with those of the Gambier Group, host to the Britannia copper-zinc-silver-gold volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit. The Britannia deposit, situated about 65km to the west-southwest of the property, yielded approximately 47.8 million tonnes of ore grading 1.1% Cu, 0.65% Zn, 6.8 g/t Ag and 0.6 g/t Au between 1905 and 1977.
The Fire Mountain property covers a part of the Fire Lake pendant, one of several scattered Jurassic-Cretaceous pendants located in the southern Coast Mountains. The pendant is surrounded by plutonic rocks of the Coast Plutonic Complex. Rocks within the pendant are termed the Fire Lake Group and are correlated with the Gambier Group, based on lithological similarities. This correlation is important from a mineral potential perspective, since it suggests the potential for volcanogenic massive sulphide mineralization in the Fire Lake Group. The Britannia Mine near Squamish, approximately 65km west-southwest of the Fire Mountain property, is an example of massive sulphide mineralization within the Gambier Group. The Britannia Mine produced approximately 47.8 million tonnes of ore grading 1 .l% Cu, 0.65% Zn, 6.8 g/t Ag and 0.6 g/t Au between 1905 and 1977. At the time of the mine closure, drill indicated reserves were 1.4 million tonnes grading 1.9% Cu. Lynch describes the Fire Lake and Gambier Groups as collectively being included in the Nooksack tectonostratigraphic terrain, regarded as part of a broad Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous overlap assemblage which links Wrangellia in the west with Stikinia to the east, by latest Early Cretaceous time.
Volcanic City Summary Report
The Cariboo gold belt in south-central British Columbia was a world-class producer of gold. Historic gold production in the Cariboo area was approximately 3.8 million ounces, 2 million from placer operations and 1.8 million form lode deposits. These totals are an estimate only as prior to 1874 production was not recorded. 90 percent of the placer gold was recovered from Late Pleistocene, pre-glacial and interglacial gravels in buried paleo-channels of modern stream valleys. In addition, the placer operation from the Bullion pit at Likely produced 175,000 ounces of gold and 1,800 ounces of platinum. Gold and platinum were also reported in placers in the Frank Creek area in similar proportions.
In addition to placer gold operations, four underground mines - Cariboo Gold Quartz, Island Mountain, Mosquito Creek and Cariboo-Hudson - have operated in the district. Other important gold and copper-gold deposits occur near Likely, in the southwestern part of the Cariboo district. A new open-pit copper-gold deposit on Mount Polley, located 9 km southeast of Likely, is expected to be put into production soon. Measured reserves are 49 million tonnes grading 0.38% copper and 0.54 g/t gold. Inferred reserves are 230 million tonnes grading 0.25% copper and 0.34 g/t gold.
The initial and larger claim Orion#3, is a 550 acre claim. It is a consolidation of many claims originally divided into many separate ares. TANA will also add 2 cells from the original Orion claim into the current Orion 3 claim. This will ensure that we not only hold subsurface rights on this ground, but we also own (freehold) 25 acres of surface rights on Charleston creek. Other areas TANA is looking at are areas on the Fraser River. These are locations that have traditionally only been accessible by boat, but TANA has located access that can be upgraded into a fully functional road. The close proximity to the Orion claim makes it a convenient acquisition.
During this phase of exploration and development our focus will be mostly on acquiring and working claims in the local (Quesnel) area. Considering TANA is relatively close to New Gold's Blackwater Deposit and the well-known Fraser River Tertiary Channel deposits, we are very optimistic. After this initial phase of work in the Blackwater-Fraser River-Nazko area, TANA will expand exploration and development programs to include the Barkerville-Yanks Peak-Likely areas, and beyond.
Tana Goldfields has subdivided a 30km l ength of river locations into six 5km blocks, together with surrounding land area.
Tana will dredge gold and diamonds from it’s river claims and later dig and wash alluvial soils. Tana is negotiating on the two portions or a 10km stretch of river as well as 15.66 square km of gold bearing land area on both sides of the river.
Tana will fund the project and will build comfortable camp infrastructure which will include running water, electricity, Internet and satellite. The company will also build a processing building, storage building and two complete sets of dredging equipment including two barges, two 8” gravel pumps, 200m 8” hose and two trailer mounted classifiers. Also built will be, two cyclones, two bushman jigs and one 3m Gemini table and various mechanical equipment.
The team has been working in the area for the past 18 months, supporting and building working relationships with the local miners. With current and up to date licenses in place to buy both locally produced Gold and Diamonds, we have the necessary Kimberley Process Certificate (KPC) as well as the correct registration documentation and Bonds in place to export Materials of value, and have a history of doing so.
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