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I am a college student who was diagnosed with vulvar vestibulitis, a subtype of vulvodynia in November 2007. Vulvodynia is a chronic pain condition affecting millions of women in our world today, yet it continues to be ignored. There is no current cure. My blog exists to spread awareness because... Full Bio
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Dec 07 2010 by DinaP3381

Tamra - Well first off...


 I can't even imagine how difficult and freeing it must have been to share your story.  I am actually a physical therapist in CT who started treating Women's Health this past January.  I recently graduated in 2008 from PT school (so let me know if you need pointers!).  Again, great job on the documentary and best of luck with your future! 


Oct 12 2010 by thegirlwithpaindownthere

Hey Tamra,

 What are wellsphere points and what is a WellPrize?  Thanks!

Aug 15 2010 by Amy
Wonderful, Thank you...
Aug 15 2010 by vivaldi01

Amy, I think that's a great idea! I have had a few emails in the past, so I will work on collecting them and asking permission to re-post them!


All the best,


Jul 31 2010 by Amy


Would you be willing to share any stories you have received from other women who have had success with their experience with vulvodynia? That is if you have had any.


Apr 25 2010 by Jeri B.

Hi Tamra, I just found your blog. It's a wonderful thing you are doing, to be so blunt and out there. I was diagnosed just last fall. No one understands except others that have the same thing. I wonder if you have tried the Low Oxalate diet? It's worked wonders for me. Check out the Vulvadynia Foundation web site. 

I'd like to sign off by saying... Vagina  

Apr 23 2010 by Mark K.
Keep up your great work, Tamra! And know that you can always count on me to be a supportive buddy! Warmly, Mark Kiselica
Apr 23 2010 by Mark K.
Keep up the great work, Tamra, and know that I am here to encourage you any time you need a supportive buddy! Warmly, Mark Kiselica
Mar 06 2010 by KW

I was diagnosed ten years ago.  I have tried many things and have found Singulair and Bonine to be very helpful.  Singulair is by Rx and Bonine is over the counter (motion sickness medication).  It helps to take the edge off.  Starte pelvic floor PT a few months ago which has helped a lot. 

Does anyone have suggestions for sitting for a long time?  I've tried doughnut pillows and icepacks...any ideas !

Feb 10 2010 by Amy

Hey Tamra,

Just wanted to see how you are feeling. I hope all is well with you.