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Beverly Hills, California
I am a Licensed Acupuncturist living in Beverly Hills, CA. A few words that describe me are: yogini, vegetarian, idealist, auntie, awesome, student of all things holistic.
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See You Soon!

Ladies and Gentlemen: I am in Chicago enjoying Christmas with my family.  I shall return to the office on Friday, January 3, 2014.  Should...

I Made "The List"

I have been a Groomed L.A. reader for years, so you can imagine how THRILLED I am that I made "The List" of their favorite places and things for...

"The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook" by Melissa Costello

I have never met a vegan cookbook I didn't like.  Nothing makes me feel more vibrant and alive than my plant-based, yogic lifestyle.  So needless...

Beverly Hills Acupuncturist At Your Service!

Hello Everyone.  I've moved! My new address: 462 North Linden Drive Suite #340 Beverly Hills, CA...

Ayurveda with Andrea Emmerich

I had the absolute pleasure of receiving not one, but two ancient Ayurvedic treatments from Andrea Emmerich.   One was abhyanga massage and the...

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Jan 19 2011 by kenam satya nagaraj
hi this is raj from india i m just requesting u to igve me information about cervical sprain please i m doing project in that topic i need ur help for this try to do it give information to my mail id.
Feb 12 2008 by Yashna R.
thanks... ill check it out!!!
Feb 07 2008 by Andrea B.
Thanks Tamara, I will have a look.