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San Francisco, California
I have been following a healing path for many years. The stress from child abuse and PTSD resulted in a life of pain and illness.   Diagnosed with lupus, fibromyalgia, migraines, IBS, insomnia, gluten intolerance, chronic depression and bipolar disorder, I have spent 25 years... Full Bio
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Closing this blog (for now anyway)

I knew, when I decided to take a hiatus from blogging, that I had several decisions to make about my online life. Having spent the last few...

Taking a break!

As you have probably figured out, I have really been struggling the last few months. This has been a difficult year dealing with family issues,...

Introduction to the Second (Sacral) Chakra

The second chakra is located in the lower abdomen centered between the navel and the genitals. It regulates sexual energy, it is where a man...

When one of my readers sees more clearly than I do

I believe that a wonderfully wise reader and friend may have just hit the nail on the head regarding my neck/back pain. Thank you Ethereal...

Life is literally a pain in the neck

I have had a few inquiries lately as to whether I am okay so I wanted to let you know why I have not been posting. When Wyatt became ill, about...
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