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Hi my name is Tamara (rhymes with "camera"), and I bring to Wellsphere a dynamic range of topics and ideas. As a dance teacher, I know the importance of a healthy lifestyle to perform at your best possible level. As a freelance writer, I understand the benefit of finding information that is both easy to read and easy to find! Come read my posts if you are interested in nutrition, exercise, and other areas of personal wellbeing that will help you to lead a healthy and active life for... Full Bio
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I Am Breaking Up With McDonalds

Fast food, I have had it with you! You make me fat and you never make me feel full! McDonalds, you are the worst. I see you revamping yourself...

Get Fit, Get a Dog

I hate exercising. Does anyone really actually enjoy it? I suppose some do, but outside of dance class, I have never really been able to get into...

A True Dance Sampler Platter in Sacramento

As a dance teacher, I spend hours each week in the studio creating and working with all age groups. So when I get the opportunity to dance at a...
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