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Talana Fairfax

I'm Talana, 27, married, and living with CF. For the first 20 years of my life, I was very healthy for a CFer, playing sports, working, going to school, and living vibrantly. Slowly over the last several years my health has slowly started to decline. While I now have less than 50% of the lung... Full Bio
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Major Changes

In March, I got the flu. April 1st, I went to the ER at Stanford and ended up in the ICU, fighting to live. I have been listed for lungs and am...

Testing is Done and the Verdict is in!

So, testing is all done! Well, except for a pesky 24 hour pee collection, but I'll do that next week. So, the verdict is that it is still...

Hello Long Neglected Blog, Big Changes on the Horizon

I know it has been forever since I have posted. I'm trying to change that. Especially as my life is in a major transition now. As has been...

Latest Clinic

Today's CF Clinic was interesting. For a few years now, my FEV1 (a measure of how much air can be pushed out in the first second) has been...

One Year

I know where I was a year ago. Standing on the Hoover Dam, when I got the phone call... Eva was gone. I knew it was coming, despite my greatest...
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