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Heartland, Indiana
Believer, Wife, Mom, Sister, Friend, OB Nurse. I love my husband, my kids, my family, my friends. I am a sucker for sharing a hot steamy cup of coffee with a good friend or with my goofy husband. I love my job because it connects me with people, and people fascinate me! I am very passionate... Full Bio
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TH Day 6

Today is better. The swelling in my knee is way down and I am only painful when I bear weight. Maybe I can lay off of the ibuprofen a bit to...

TH Day 5

Today has been a bad day. My 30 minute elliptical ride combined with two twelve hour night shifts over the weekend have killed my left knee. It...

TH Day 4

I have slept the day away. I had a feeling about 4 o'clock in the morning that church would be a struggle today. But I made a commitment to...

TH Day 3

I rode on the elliptical for 30 minutes yesterday! My best accomplishment of the week... that... and not partaking in the ginormous...

Taking Heart Day 2

I survived my first day. Started out bickering with my husband over the diet on . I am a control freak and he... well......

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Apr 22 2009 by suprita
hi ,i m 36 week stomach now a days makes too much baby making this noise?or i have any i am on uti on traetment.
Apr 13 2009 by Michele W.
Wow... 60 minutes! You go girl!