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Why Small Victories Matter!

Hello friends! Back on the wagon after a long hiatus and ready to dish my feelings, current exercise faves, as well as some diet tips and healthy...

Bootcamp: Take two

Yesterday's bootcamp wasn't any easier than the first, resulting in vision-blotchiness by the time I was finished. You might think I'm being...

Exhausted...And Proud

Day one of Bootcamp is complete and I'm feeling weirdly masochistic about it. I wanted to die about half-way through...but I can't wait to go...


That's me. Five weeks into my first ever diet/weight-loss regime (with a few failures along the way), and I have yet to go near the gym. Which...

Million Calorie Weekend

Ever been at your lifetime dieting-best and then, for some horrible reason, a 3-day weekend comes and it's like you've never seen food before in...

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