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Definitely get a critique from a qualified teacher. Look up martial arts directories... more
Sep 18 2010 7:12pm
In reflection, I think she's seeing if it's raining out :) more
Mar 21 2012 11:38pm
You can't get the total benifit without a teacher but doing tai chi with a video is... more
Oct 18 2010 7:18pm
Mar 09 2009 7:30pm
Try googling "wall sit" it's an exercise that most doctors recommend for their... more
Feb 25 2010 12:48am
my name is Gil I live in Rartian I teach Yand style 24 posture form looking to start a... more
Jun 20 2009 11:05am
I am taking a class in the East Bay and wondered if there anyone was interested ... more
Jan 02 2008 1:50pm
I offer a free mini-course on my website: more
Aug 23 2008 12:55pm