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The Amazing Benefits of Daily Qigong Healing Routines

Posted Jun 10 2010 9:18pm
Qigong Healing Exercises have become essential for the safeguarding of health of those in China and these meditative movements have been becoming more prevalent in the U.S..  Medical professionals are more frequently integrating the use of these meditative exercises with conventional medical advice to assist individuals recover from infirmities.  

There are over 10,000 practice routines of qigong, including those exercises used in Kung Fu, but the majority of people do these relaxing qigong practices for their many benefits for health.  These exercises are most beneficial when they are performed first thing in the morning before your first meal or 60 min. after eating a little breakfast. Performing the practice at this time helps set the pace for your daily activites and it gives you more energy to help you through your day.

One can find personal testimonials as to the effectiveness of qigong practice for assisting people to overcome many disorders.  Most of the reports have come from China, where people have suffered and recovered from poor vision, back pains, overall weakness, cancer many other disorders after beginning a regular routine of qigong.  On YouTube you can find video testimonials of practitioners from many other countries who claim that these
exercises have been essential in helping them overcome hypertension, diabetes, heart problems, and pulmonary disorders.

Because the practices emphasize the use of tranquility in the exercises and breath practices, they can be adapted for use with those who have a variety of conditions, including those who cannot get out of bed or are unable to walk.  The breathing exercises are necessary for assisting to enhance both
the breathing ability and the circulatory systems for lymph and blood flow.  

Breathing enhancement, through the use of the lower dantien breathing technique, are fundamental aspects which result in increased capacity of the circulatory system,thus helping in the removal of toxins out of the body.  Research studies have also indicated that qigong healing practices can definitely help improve peoples' resistance to disease.  

If you have a disease condition or only have a general deficit, you should really investigate the possibility of entering into a easy qigong practice to aid you to recover.  Exercise routines which take no more than fifteen minutes from your day can bring enormous benefits for your health.  Find a teacher near you and give it a whirl.  Practice for two weeks to figure out whether it can help you.  Many others have tried it and have reaped the benefits and now are living healthier lives.  The abundance of the testimonials from practitioners says it all.
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